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Field recording nature monti liguri

In the captivating setting of the valleys of the Ligurian Mountains, I stumble upon a compelling opportunity for field recording. At dawn, the optimal moment to capture natural sounds, the daylight gradually unveils breathtaking landscapes and unique details. Equipped with a pair of omnidirectional microphones, I proceed with care, adopting an approach akin to that of an explorer determined to document the most intimate aspects of nature. The binoculars, always within reach, prove to be a valuable ally in revealing even the subtlest movements among the tree branches. Every step is calculated, every breath is measured, recognizing that respect for the environment is crucial to capture the essence of the place. I started the recording with the Zoom F3 recorder which is renowned for its reliability and quality. Sounds come to life through the microphones, creating an audio track that mirrors the delicate natural ballet of the surrounding environment. The majestic mountains seem to compose a millennial symphony, while the wind whispers melodies that only those who listen attentively can perceive. The birds help with their songs, offering a chorus that seems to emanate directly from the heart of the forest. An early waking up reveals its advantages, and in this moment, a sense of gratitude for this choice permeates every part of me. Every captured sound becomes a precious piece within my sound research, contributing to create a mosaic of unique auditory experiences. The stereophonic recordings turn out flawless, capturing the depth and richness of this enchanted place. Around these Ligurian Mountains, I have discovered an authentic treasure of sounds that transcends words. The adventure of field recording has evolved into a journey of the soul, as well as a profound and intimate connection with nature. In this way, thanks to my Zoom F3 recorder and the pair of omnidirectional microphones, I have captured fragments of this world that I will carry with me forever, engraved in the digital files of the recordings.

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ASMR sleep and relax PHON

Vi presento un'esperienza di rilassamento : 4 ore di suoni delicati e avvolgenti del phon, pensati per conciliare il sonno e favorire una profonda sensazione di tranquillità. Questo video ASMR è progettato per offrire un'esperienza di relax totale, ideale per chiunque abbia bisogno di staccare dalla frenesia della giornata e ritrovare un momento di pace interiore. Che tu stia cercando di addormentarti più facilmente o semplicemente desideri un momento di calma e serenità, ti invito a lasciarti trasportare dai suoni delicati di questo phon. Spero che questo video possa essere di conforto e ti aiuti a trovare la tranquillità che meriti. Buon relax e buon sonno a tutti!"

Russo Antonino · ASMR sleep and relax PHON


For the creation of this Cinematis Sound Effects, a cuica has been used and amplified with a schertler dyn uni p48. It has also been used a tubular bamboo percussion, as well amplified with a contact microphone.A Sennheiser MKH 416 recorded the ambient.Then some rattles and two bunches of dry grass have been used. Both the contact microphones and the Sennheiser have been connected to the Schertler mixer.the arthur prime5. the UD that you will see in the video is amplified with dpa4099 and a sennheiser mkh416. the same microphones have been used for the homemade instrument.

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Field Recording nature

I'm always looking for analogue sounds to edit for the creation of Sound Effects. Field Recording in Nature never ceases to amaze me. In this adventure we will hear the sound of water under the sandy soil of the beach. Externally we will capture the vibrations from the wood, with the help of a contact microphone(Schertler dyn uni p48). At first, in the example inside the video, you will listen to the actual natural sound. In a second moment, the same sound will be processed using a famous reverb from UAD (Pure Data). I wish you all a happy listening!

Russo Antonino · idrophone and contact microphones

Field Recordings Nature

Welcome to 'Wild soundscapes:Immersive Field Recordings in nature'. A few minutes from the sea, in my city, I can find myself immersed in nature. Unfortunately, however, by traveling a short distance, the risk is that of recording human presence. In this context for example, I am too close to the railway, a church and some houses with the dog. In any case, for testing the microphone or simply for having a new experience, it is equally good. Today we bring home the close sound of the jay. A pochi minuti dal mare, nella mia città’, posso trovarmi immerso nella natura. Purtroppo pero’, percorrendo poca strada, il rischio e’ quello di registrare la presenza umana. In questo contesto ad esempio, sono troppo vicino alla ferrovia, ad una chiesa ed ad alcune case con il cane. In ogni caso per testare microfono o semplicemente per fare una nuova esperienza va ugualmente bene. Oggi ci portiamo a casa il suono ravvicinato della ghiandaia.

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