Field Recording


3D EXPERIENCE(indossa le cuffie)

In this video i tested a 3d microphone made of fir wood and with silicone ears applied to it. I would like to thank lorenzi Guitar for the idea of building the creative head shaped structure. As location of my video, i chose a very crowded place in my town,Ventimiglia, a renowned Street Market that attracts a lot of tourists,in particular from the near France. On this particular occasion, I decided to use the Hollyland lark 150 as my microphone capsules;they have been managed wirelessly using the zoom f3 field recorder (of course all kind of microphone capsules can be applied to the head. It Is possible to perceive a three-dimensional sound throughout headphones listening. I Wish you all a good listen! I am pleased to attach the link of Lorenzo Guitar for those who would like to discover and enjoy his amazing lutherie works as well as his electric guitars which have been played by Rick..and many more



I have been contacted by a dear friend of mine who is a musician to realise a project together. He's had the idea to create and construct a multifunctional musical instrument in wood, which can be played from all sides; a percussion with a profound sound and at the same time shrill and resonant. It has taken him a lot of time and energy to find, first of all, a sound balance using different woods with thickness and shapes, managing to personalize the sound. Together we have decided to find a place which could enhance in a natural way, the sound of the instrument, so we have decided to go inside a church where already in the past I had registered other musical instruments; a really incredible place, immersed in nature and, above all, far away from unwanted noise such as traffic. For the recording I have decided to use a very minimal setup but at the same time efficient; two omnidirectional microphones and two contact microphones. The post-production sound has not undergone any modification and the reverberation the you can hear is natural. Finally, in my studio I have created a synchronized audio track of the percussion session.

Russo Antonino · OPEN

Field recording nature

A simple family memory today came with me in the mountains. Binoculars, to browse through the branches in search of some birds! What really interests me is capturing sound and this is a means .. I find myself this time in the hinterland on the Ligurian border, between Italy and France, a few kilometers from the city centre. A few planes, a few cars, a few chainsaws, but all in all I was quite hidden from the valley. I alternated stereophonic recordings with the dodotronic dish microphones with mono recordings with the sennheiser mkh416, to have different material to work with. Happy listening!

Russo Antonino · nature sound

Wireless microphones sound

Hollyland Lark150 Wireless microphone system tested. Two small and light omnidirectional microphones. I recorded in a very windy weather situation to understand the quality of the microphone capsules.In addition to the sponge windproof, I added two with the classic fur because the wind was very strong. The microphone support as seen in the video is a seasoned piece of wood to which I have connected the wireless system and the capsule. so with this system I was able to monitor from inside my house. This microphone is normally used for interviews.

Russo Antonino · Hollylandsoundcloud

The noise game

Any objects that have mechanical movement are great for contact microphones. In this video entitled The noise game, I attack the microphones where there is friction of gears and beyond. Two Schertler UNI-P48 close together to play with EQ and stereophony. The captured sound will be processed and cleaned later. To integrate the sound I used a sennheiser mkh416 in the studio with various metal objects to complete the sound and sync with the images. When I make these videos that I share pleasantly on my You Tube channel, I archive a part of the captured sounds to create sound libraries that will have various fields of use..

Russo Antonino · the noise game

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